Well Med Rx DUR focuses on clinical appropriateness and cost savings for workers compensation providers.

What is Drug Utilization Review?

"Drug Utilization Review (DUR) is the evidence based review and evaluation of an infividual's medications and pharmacy records by a clinical pharmacist."

How does Drug Utilization Review (DUR) and DNA work together?

DNA and DUR work together to combine and integrate the DNA scientific test and the DUR best evidence based test results to provide a personalize patient prescription report which may be utilized by worker compensation groups and others to maximize savings.

Estimate of Financial Savings Utilizing WMRx System Real World Savings on Actual Cases

Example Lifetime Pharmacy Cost Before DNA & DUR Lifetime Pharmacy Cost After DNA & DUR Savings
Case #1 $152,193.22 $1,945.52 $150,247.70
Case #2 $84,689.54 $30,333.30 $54,356.24
Case #3 $550,035.29 $252,670.58 $297,364.71
Case #4 $229,416.49 $192,583.69 $36,832.80
Case #5 $48,361.00 $28,467.00 $19,894.00
Case #6 $50,536.00 $16,644.00 $33,892.00
Case #7 $128,429.54 $43,454.00 $84,975.54
    Total Savings $677,562.99